Sunday, 16 November 2014

Can we say murder is good?

Is it possible to cateorgorise murder?

Murder is a fear which most people are afraid of. The idea of someone purposely deciding to end your life in sometimes horrific ways, to benefit them and to spite you. But we all know most of the time it doesn't always work out in their favour! Society and the law are against such actions as this, which is very understandable. The point that I am trying to get across even though we don't like the prospect of these things happening, it is that some of us have actually killed a being without their consent concerning issues such as abortion (which the catholic church looks down upon). But of course there are much more clearer ways on how 'evil' kill their victims from the eye of the court of law.
Sometimes with issues considering abortion, it can be the best option. This of course depends on how and why the child needs to be aborted. As human beings we are very good at blaming things for something that we have done wrong. But sometimes we create bad situations from our faults- but this is not always the case. Look at how many teenagers seem to get pregnant these days through sheer ignorance, then not realising that they are carrying a life decide to abort. Yes sometimes having an abortion can be the best way forward, but may be children should be better educated to what every action they make comes at a cost. But it has shown that this year there has been a drop in teenage pregnancies in the UK so they must be getting the information across now, which is very good.
But that is not the only reason why we have to abort. It is not because we always want to, but sometimes because we have to. Look at a mother who really wants her child, but cannot without risking her own life. These cannot be defined by saying that it is bad as they have no other option but to act in this fashion, otherwise there would be a loss of two lives instead of one. Which some say that life is sacred, so therefore they are not commiting such an act on purpose but they are still trying to save lives at the most that is possible.

We could also give the example of Classical Conditioning by the psychologist, John Watson. He said that if you look children away, you could make them anything you want them to be as their minds are malleable and the best time to influence them is in their childhood, as it would affect in how their adult life would be influenced. Moreover if they do become violent it wouldn't be of the child's fault that they have made that action, but those who have influenced their childhood. Therefore there would be no moral responsibility on when they have the committed murder. Suggesting that there is no room for saying that the act can be good or bad as it is all defined through the influences in earlier life.

Therefore murder can be defined in so many ways. There is the purposeful kind, where many people understand that, through crime scene. But there is also types that people don't actually class as murder as it is a grey area. At the end of the day, there is no such thing as a "good" murder, it is the fact in which you are taking away someone else's life at your hands. It is just the degrees that there are, but murder is murder and life is precious life.

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