Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Can we define Miracles?

A miracle can be subjective but what if they could be the opposite?
Some of you may already know that there is an upcoming film called Exodus: Gods and Kings coming out in cinemas soon. Which if you do not already know, it is about Moses and if you look above, created miracles such as the parting of the Red Sea to let the Israelites escape. This made me have a little think, what do we class as miracles?
Miracles have always been present in many religions. Jesus can be a very good example, when he walked on water, turned water into wine and heals a blind man. But how did we know that we knew that this could only be considered as a miracle? These stories could just be symbolic and for instance Jesus himself could only be a teacher. But the question which i am wanting to answer is that why does the bible express in such a literal way? Is it because at the time, there wasn't anyone who believed it as a truth, or it is a way to get more people to understand how to make a better life through an analogy.

A Scottish Philosopher called David Hume was very much against the idea of miracles. During his time the science was very underdeveloped, he lived in the time when Isaac Newton an English physicist and mathematician who devised the idea of universal gravitation - which is completely fixed. What is the law of universal gravitation? Well it is simply the state where any two (in)animate objects would attract to each other in the universe through some sort of force. Although we also have to understand that when Hume was looking at how the laws of nature are fixed, it is through how the universe works. But it has now shown that through recent science, like for instance we have discovered that there is no "fixed" laws in how the universe is to be run.

So what do you think? Is the real answer to miracles similar to what Hume has said, with him idenifying that those who have claimed such things are ignorant and barbarous? This could be criticised that what could we class people with such characteristics. Or on the the other hand are you a complete believer to what has actually happened - claiming it is an action that came from God. No matter what you say, it is all an answer of subjective truth as we will never know the true answer.

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