Sunday, 2 November 2014

Is our life determined from the start?

I'm sure that many of us wonder whether our lives are mapped out for us like a road. But is it all true?

The other day i wondering through looking at the recent news, there seems to be so many deaths. I'm sure you have heard about the Ebola outbreak (where there is now 10,000 cases) and other tragedies such as deaths in the sea in Cornwall . These things will always happen. Throughout your lives and the generations that follow afterwards. It is just one of those unforunate depressing parts of all our lives. But my thoughts are, well why does this always have to happen? Do we have no choice on how we end up in our final chapter? Are we just a marytr?

The point that i am trying to emphasise is the question of whether do we have the option for crossroads or is it a fantatical illusion. For example when looking at the 17th century English philosopher Locke, his analogy was where a man wakes up in a room, which is locked without him knowing. He chooses to stay in the room without really realising the fact that he has no choice but to stay, which in reality free will according to Locke is just an illusion.

This suggests that if free will is just an illusion, does this just answer the fact of which therefore reflect on whether we have the choice for our own destiny? This goes to the idea on how Christians believe in predestination. What is predestination? Well it is the theology on God and how he has already  willed the events that will happen. This also asks the question on whether having God given us free will is true (going back to Locke's analogy) but also the fact that if we look at other issues, if He has already determined for it to be set out this way, is he the one who created evil on purpose, even if He is meant to omnibenevolent? Also why has He chosen specific people for certain destinies?

If we also go in the path of evil and good, just like light and dark, we would never know the difference between either if they didn't coexist. You can't have the ying without the yang! Therefore if we were to say that we have that choice, how would we actually know on whether that is true or not, without the concept of being determined throughout our lives. It is only a thought with no empirical evidence to withstand it, as otherwise we wouldn't think in the way on how we do now because we don't have the choice to choose between the two.

So for example have you ever wondered on why you have been placed into a specific family? Could this be God's workings of predestination? Like if we have been given a photographic memory compared to another, if we weren't destined in some sort of way would we all have the same abilities? This sort of answers in some sense about whether our have actually been mapped out. Every single person can be good at one thing but bad at the other, and this happens with people in so many different combinations. Therefore, this already shows that every individual person has a prechosen destiny because we are all good at different things.

Although we could also say is that if we were given differed specific abilities to one another, that means all of the actions that we make, towards our future and the present in some ways we cannot be  morally responsible as it has already been mapped out through previous events. But if we already acknowledge what we have doesn't that mean we do have some moral blame as we know how much we can go. And ultimately this could mean that determinism may not always be the correct term to use for who controls our lives. As it may naturally be us, rather than artificially.

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