Monday, 30 May 2016

Are religious experiences real?

Should we believe in such a divine intervention?
Religious experiences are one of the key things within religion itself. It is how they combat their belief of what they believe as their chosen god, intervening in the laws of nature.

Some of the religious experiences are actually famous and are used for teaching. Whereas on the other hand, there are also experiences which are claimed everyday by normal people.

 So what is the truth? Is it all a fact? Or is it something that we haven't discovered and understood at this moment in time?
So, some famous examples for people who have experienced such interventions include people such as: St Bernadette and St Teresa of Avila. If you are wondering what they experienced, here is their examples...
St Bernadette envisioned the Virgin Mary in a place called Lourdes in France. Lourdes is a very infamous place for Christianity and is visited by many pilgrims.  The shrine itself is said to heal people who have once had cancer and those unable to walk. This makes a very troubling question. What if it is true? Or is it something which we have not discovered enough information about at this moment in time?

On the contrary, with St Teresa of Avila, a prominent Spanish mystic, had experienced some kind of divine intervention. But this was looked over with scrutiny. How she was able to experience the presence of Jesus.

No matter what sort of experience that a person may go through, there is also reasons which may be completely against the idea of what is known as a 'religious experience'. This includes that someone may actually be hallucinating, mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and the times and how much experience of knowledge and education that the person experiencing may  have had.

There are many different types which are said to be religious experiences, which include revelation, miracles and so on. It identifies that there could be the possibility that even though a person may not believe in a certain faith or culture, they may still have the same sort of experience which could also have been the same for a believer.

No matter how much scientific evidence and knowledge that we are to gain, there will always be the possibility that humans will never know the ultimate truth. So to fill in the gaps and take away their insanity, they are plagued to have religious experiences to uncover truths about our world.